TV & YouTube

If there's need of special vehicles, machines, constructions or car madness..


you came to the right place!

For the YouTube channel 'Mastermilo82' I have created many different vehicles and performed many stunts. See the trailer above and explore the YouTube channel.

Real life FIFA props for a YouTube production.

Giant vehicle made out of a harvester in order to promote the Dr Oetker Pizzaburger.

Building a 4x4 buggy out of parts of scrap cars.

Converting a Chrysler Voyager into a replica of the 'Mutts cuts' which is road-legal. The car has been used to promote the movie 'Dumb & dumber to'

Car madness

Due several years of speedway and dirttrack expercience a great knowledge about the possibilities of cars.

Special vehicles

Has built many different vehicles.

TV appearances

Has worked for many different TV stations

Discovery channel, BBC, October films, SBS6, ProSieben, Kabeleins, etc